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Domestic sawn Timber

πριστή ξυλεία

Domestic sawn wood is produced at Kotrogiannis factory, in Gymno Village in Evia, with modern mechanical equipment and high standards.

We use Spruce, Elati and Pine from forest complexes of Drama, Elatia Forest (Karantere), Arkoudorema.

Trunk selection system.

The logs prior to processing in the factory are selected based on their diameter and quality characteristics, depending on the intended use (scissors and roof cords – boards, pillars and building frames – pallets and pallets, pallets for hives etc).

Sawn timber in all types of sections.

Our factory has the ability to produce sawn timber in any cross section and up to 8 meters in length according to the specific requirements of each construction and delivered directly to it.

Stainless steel sink.

Our plant provides the ability to immerse wood to protect it from the effects of destructive factors (fungi, insects, marine organisms), uses natural drying to give the wood quality, durability and long service life.

Sort – Packing – Save.

We scrutinize, classify and store the sawn wood in specially designed sheds of our factory, always with the appropriate packaging.

In this way we avoid the growth of fungi and various wood enemies, avoiding the degradation of the quality you often notice in the timber because of its long transport time.

Wood for roofing

πριστή ξυλεία

We provide roofing timber for all types of roofs. They consist of wood trunks slightly chipped to maintain their conicity.

These are logs of domestic sawn wood that undergo exceptionally carefull processing (sorting, planing, grinding and shaping) to highlight their physical characteristics (knots, cracks, conicity) and their extraordinary beauty.

This wood is required to undergo a damping process to protect against fungus and to transfer paint and varnish.

Floors – Deck Flooring Exterior Deck

πριστή ξυλεία δάπεδα deck

We produce wooden floors – outdoor deck floors that have been used in Greece over the last decade to cover flat surfaces exposed to environmental conditions.

Apply to swimming pools, gardens, stairs, beach bars, cafes, outdoors restaurants, hotels.

Wooden floors – deck floors are also used in damp indoor environments such as baths, kitchens, saunas and more.

To increase the stability of the dimension and the durability of wooden floor-deck floors, wood that is subject to special handling of chemical or thermal modification has been used in recent years.


πριστή ξυλεία
πριστή ξυλεία
πριστή ξυλεία
πριστή ξυλεία

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