Rustic Furniture

Rustic decoration takes inspiration from the wild beauty of nature and is definitely the top trend of recent years in modern living.

Rustic Furniture

One of the most important features of rustic decoration is the special furniture on traditional lines.

Rustic Decoration

Rustic decoration. A style that deviates from the standard, travels us back in time and makes us feel warm and a distinct feeling of comfort, relaxation and warmth.

The Rustic decoration tries to integrate decorative materials that originate from traditional rural culture.

The classic and old combine into a harmonious combination. Wood and stone terrestrial tones, handmade furniture and fabrics, metal objects, ecological effect, traditional style.

Unique Rustic furniture

The Rustic furniture in our factory is unique in design, as each piece has its own character, and it is not a standard production.

Unprocessed tree trunks are sculpted and shaped in a unique way each time.

Of course, the “raw” should be in quotes, because in addition to the shape some varnishes and some “drugs” have to be put in order to be placed in a home.

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